Top things to do

Top Choice Steak in Amarillo

Big Texan Steak Ranch

A classic, hokey Route 66 roadside attraction, the Big Texan made the move when I-40 opened in 1971 and has never looked back. Stretch-Cadillac limos with steer-horn hood ornaments offer free shuttles to and from ar…
Top Choice Museum in Dallas

Sixth Floor Museum

No city wants the distinction of being the site of an assassination – especially if the victim happens to be President John F Kennedy. But rather than downplay the events that sent the city reeling in 1963, Dallas g…
Top Choice Museum in Lubbock

Buddy Holly Center

A huge version of Holly's trademark horn-rims mark the Buddy Holly Center. The center is home to the Buddy Holly Gallery; a room devoted to the Man with those glasses and pristine teeth. The gallery includes some of…
Top Choice Deli in San Angelo

Peasant Village Restaurant

Located in a beautiful 1920s house near downtown, this refined restaurant is just the place if you'd like some fine wine to go with a meal from a menu that changes with the seasons. Creative mains of steak and seafo…
Top Choice Museum in Canyon

Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum

The many ways to skin a buffalo is but one of the myriad highlights of this magnificent museum, a Texas plains must-see. You can hit the highlights in an hour or easily lose a day.
Top Choice Market in Amarillo

Amarillo Livestock Auction

A slice of the real West is on display every Tuesday morning at the Amarillo Livestock Auction, just north of SE 3rd Ave on the city's east side. The auction is still one of the state's largest, moving more than 100…
Top Choice Museum in Midland

CAF Airpower Museum

Historic warplanes are the stars at this impressive museum at Midland International Airport. The home of the Commemorative Air Force (formerly the politically incorrectly named Confederate Air Force), this sizable m…
Top Choice Historic Site in San Angelo

Fort Concho National Historic Landmark

No matter how many forts you've seen in your Texas travels, this one is likely to be a highlight. Many folks claim it's the best-preserved Western frontier fort in the US, and much of it has been restored by the cit…
Top Choice Museum in Abilene

Frontier Texas!

Reason enough to stop if you're anyplace near Abilene, Frontier Texas! makes 100 years of frontier history (1780–1880) possibly more interesting than the real thing. The museum also serves as the main visitor inform…
Top Choice Museum in Lubbock

National Ranching Heritage Center

A real Lubbock gem, this open-air museum, part of the Texas Tech museum complex, tells a detailed story of what life was like on the Texas High Plains from the late 1700s until the Dust Bowl era of the 1930s. Nearly…