Top Choice Park in Northern Colorado

Dinosaur National Monument

Straddling the Utah-Colorado state line, Dinosaur National Monument protects one of North America's largest dinosaur fossil beds, discovered here in 1909. Though both state's sections are beautiful, Utah has the bon…
Top Choice Farm in Palisade

Suncrest Orchard, Alpacas and Fiber Mill

If cute were currency, Mike and Cindy McDermott would be sitting on a gold mine with their combination Alpaca and lavender farm. While Mike patiently explains the fiber processing, kids stand agape before the inquis…
Top Choice Museum in Montrose

Ute Indian Museum

One of the few American museums dedicated to one tribe. The Ute are the traditional people of western Colorado. The museum is situated on a homestead that belonged to legendary Uncompahgre Ute chief Ouray and his wi…
Top Choice Museum in Crested Butte

Crested Butte Mountain Heritage Museum

In one of the oldest buildings in Crested Butte. It's a worthwhile visit for the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame or to see a terrific model railway. Exhibits range from geology to mining and early home life.
Top Choice National Park in Mesa Verde & the Four Corners

Mesa Verde National Park

A fascinating, if slightly eerie, national park. Anthropologists will love it here; Mesa Verde is unique among American national parks in its focus on maintaining this civilization's cultural relics rather than its …
Top Choice Dinosaur Site in Delta

Dry Mesa Dinosaur Quarry

Within the borders of the Uncompahgre National Forest, this bone-rich area yielded one of the most diverse Jurassic vertebrate collections in the world. Over a dozen different dinosaurs have been unearthed here sinc…
Top Choice Winery in Palisade


Sold in Colorado's finest restaurants, Colterris sits in a league of its own – a sip of its earthy, balanced Cabernet Sauvignon confirms. The inviting tasting patio has cheese with wine pairings and a general store …
Archaeological Site in Cortez

Crow Canyon Archaeology Center

This cultural center, about 3 miles north of Cortez, offers a day-long educational program that visits an excavation site west of town. Programs teach the significance of regional artifacts and are an excellent way …
Museum in Cortez

Cortez Cultural Center

Exhibits on the Ancestral Puebloans, as well as visiting art displays, make this museum worthy of a visit if you have a few hours to spare. Summer evening programs feature Native American dances on Tuesdays, Fridays…
National Park in Great Sand Dunes & the San Luis Valley

Great Sand Dunes National Park

Landscapes collide in a shifting sea of sand at Great Sand Dunes National Park, making you wonder whether a spaceship has whisked you to another planet. The 30-sq-mile dune park - the tallest sand peak rises 700ft a…