Clearwater & Clearwater Beach attractions

Aquarium in Clearwater & Clearwater Beach

Clearwater Marine Aquarium

The home of Winter the dolphin, this nonprofit aquarium rescues and rehabilitates injured sea animals, such as dolphins, sea otters, fish, rays, and loggerhead and Kemp's ridley sea turtles. It also allows visitors …
Beach in Clearwater & Clearwater Beach

Sand Key Park & Beach

If you want a less-crowded beach day, free of commercial folderol, head to this 65-acre, family-friendly beach park. It's at the northern tip of the barrier island to the south, just over the Clearwater Pass Bridge.…
Beach in Clearwater & Clearwater Beach

Pier 60

In high season, Clearwater's long stretch of smooth, white sand becomes a scrum of sun-baked coeds and extended families. Hotels, resorts and raucous beach bars line the sand, particularly near Pier 60, where sunset…