Trendy restaurants open almost every day, with many serving nouveau takes on classic comfort food. Division St is a bountiful vein of snazzy bistros and pubs, many of which have sidewalk seating.

Local Knowledge: Soup & Bread Dinners

The Hideout hosts a groovy dinner series at 5:30pm on Wednesday. From January to late March, Soup & Bread ( offers a free meal of – yes – homemade soup and bread. Local foodies, musicians and artists take turns making the wares. Donations are collected and go to local food banks.

From late June until early September, the action morphs into a cookout and Veggie Bingo. You pay a few bucks to play, and winners receive organic produce as prizes. Proceeds support community gardens.

These jolly shindigs attract a big crowd, so don't be late.

Local Knowledge: The Sweetest Treats

The neighborhood is a gold mine for sugar fiends. The best places to strike it rich:

  • Hoosier Mama Pie Company Sniff out what's cooling on the racks and try your three favorite with a Friday pie flight.
  • Margie's Candies Ladle thick hot fudge onto gigantic ice cream sundaes.
  • Stan's Donuts Sink your teeth into a Biscoff pocket (cookie butter inside a frosted square doughnut).
  • Mindy's Hot Chocolate Sip the ridiculously rich namesake beverage, available in five different kinds.
  • Alliance Bakery Make a beeline for the 'cronuts' (doughnuts made from croissant dough).
  • Black Dog Gelato The whiskey gelato bars are worth a bit of brain freeze.