Top Choice Museum in Pilsen & Near South Side

Field Museum of Natural History

The Field Museum houses some 30 million artifacts and includes everything but the kitchen sink – beetles, mummies, gemstones, Bushman the stuffed ape – all tended by a slew of PhD-wielding scientists, as the Field r…
Park in Pilsen & Near South Side

Northerly Island

This hilly, prairie-grassed park has a walking and cycling trail, bird-watching, fishing and an outdoor venue for big-name concerts. It's actually a peninsula, not an island, but the Chicago skyline views are tremen…
Museum in Pilsen & Near South Side

National Museum of Mexican Art

Founded in 1982, this vibrant museum – the largest Latino arts institution in the US – has become one of the city’s best. The vivid permanent collection sums up 1000 years of Mexican art and culture through classica…
Architecture in Pilsen & Near South Side

Prairie Avenue Historic District

In the late 1800s, Prairie Ave between 16th and 20th Sts is where Chicago's millionaires lived in their mansions. Today the district is good for a stroll. Some of the homes have been preserved as museums; others are…
Historic Building in Pilsen & Near South Side

Willie Dixon's Blues Heaven

From 1957 to 1967, this humble building was Chess Records, the seminal electric blues label. It's now named for the bassist who wrote most of Chess' hits. Staff give hour-long tours of the premises. It's pretty rams…
Stadium in Pilsen & Near South Side

Soldier Field

Built between 1922 and 1926 to pay homage to WWI soldiers, this oft-renovated edifice has been home to everything from civil-rights speeches by Martin Luther King Jr to Brazilian soccer games. It got its latest UFO-…
Museum in Pilsen & Near South Side

Adler Planetarium

Space enthusiasts will get a big bang (pun!) out of the Adler. There are public telescopes to view the stars (10am to 1pm daily, by the Galileo Cafe), 3-D lectures to learn about supernovas (in the Space Visualizati…
Aquarium in Pilsen & Near South Side

Shedd Aquarium

Top draws at the kiddie-mobbed Shedd Aquarium include the Wild Reef exhibit, where there's just 5in of Plexiglas between you and two-dozen fierce-looking sharks, and the Oceanarium, with its rescued sea otters. Note…
Museum in Pilsen & Near South Side

Glessner House Museum

The 1887 John J Glessner House is the premier survivor of the Prairie Avenue Historic District. Much of interior is reminiscent of an English manor house, with heavy wooden beams and other English-style details. Add…
Area in Pilsen & Near South Side

Chicago Arts District

Pilsen's art galleries are known collectively as the Chicago Arts District. There are 20 or so galleries, and they tend to be small, artist-run spaces with erratic hours. Many cluster around 18th and Halsted Sts.