Museum in West Loop & Near West Side

National Museum of Mexican Art

Founded in 1982, this vibrant museum – the largest Latino arts institution in the US – has become one of the city’s best. The vivid permanent collection sums up 1000 years of Mexican art and culture through classica…
Stadium in West Loop & Near West Side

United Center

The United Center arena is home to the Bulls (pro basketball team) and the Blackhawks (pro hockey team), and is a venue for big-name concerts and special events. The statue of an airborne Michael Jordan in front of …
Gallery in West Loop & Near West Side

Mars Gallery

This pop-art gallery is pure fun, from the plaid-tie-wearing cat who roams the premises (he's the assistant manager, according to the sign) to the building's offbeat history (it was an egg factory and then a club wh…
Church in West Loop & Near West Side

Old St Patrick’s Church

A Chicago fire survivor, this 1852 church is one of the city’s oldest. Old St Pat’s is best known for its World’s Largest Block Party, a day-long bash in late June with a solid lineup of big-name rock bands on stage…
Park in West Loop & Near West Side

Mary Bartelme Park

The neighborhood's stroller-pushing families and dog-walking hipsters get their exercise in Mary Bartelme Park. Five off-kilter stainless steel arches form the gateway into the park; kids play in the mist the sculpt…
Historic Site in West Loop & Near West Side

Chicago Fire Academy

Rarely has a building been placed in a more appropriate location: the fire department’s training school (also known as the Quinn Academy) stands on the very spot where the 1871 Great Chicago Fire began – between Cli…
Historic Site in West Loop & Near West Side

Haymarket Square

The odd bronze statue of guys on a wagon marks the spot where the world’s labor movement began. So the next time you take a lunch break or go home after your eight-hour workday, thank Haymarket Sq, which you’re now …
Sculpture in West Loop & Near West Side


Artist Claes Oldenburg – known for his gigantic shuttlecocks in Kansas City and oversized cherry spoon in Minneapolis – delivered this simple, controversial sculpture to Chicago in 1977. The artist mused that the 96…
Public Art in West Loop & Near West Side

Cooper Dual Language Academy

Check out the exterior wall of this school, the canvas for a 1990s tile mosaic that shows a diverse range of Mexican images, from a portrait of farmworker advocate Dolores Huerta to the Virgin of Guadalupe.