Chattanooga attractions

Top Choice Museum in Chattanooga


This astonishing guitar collection – the largest assemblage of vintage and rare guitars anywhere – is Chattanooga's newest world-class attraction. More than 500 guitars, many arranged in time-line fashion from the 1…
Top Choice Natural Feature in Chattanooga

Lookout Mountain

Some of Chattanooga's oldest and best-loved attractions are 6 miles outside the city at Lookout Mountain. Combination admission includes the Incline Railway, which chugs up a steep slope to the mountaintop; the stun…
Bridge in Chattanooga

Walnut Street Bridge

Finished in 1891, this half-mile span carried vehicles from downtown to the North Shore until 1978, when it was closed for safety reasons. In 1993 it was reopened as a pedestrian bridge and park. Since then the brid…
Aquarium in Chattanooga

Tennessee Aquarium

Occupying two side-by-side but separate buildings, this well-done aquarium is a fun and educational rainy-day destination. The River Journey building spotlights the inhabitants and ecology of the Tennessee River as …
Park in Chattanooga

Reflection Riding Arboretum & Nature Center

This lush, 317-acre spot at the base of Lookout Mountain wants city folks to reconnect with the great outdoors. With 15 miles of trails, a creek perfect for paddling, an arboretum with more than 140 identified trees…
Gallery in Chattanooga

Hunter Museum of American Art

Set high on the river bluffs, this striking edifice of melted steel and glass – fronted by an early-20th-century mansion – is easily the most singular architectural achievement in Tennessee. Oh, and its 19th- and 20…
Park in Chattanooga

Ross's Landing & the Passage

Tucked between the Tennessee Aquarium and the Tennessee River, the patch of greenery known as Ross's Landing marks the starting point of the Trail of Tears. In 1838 more than 1000 Cherokee, forced to relocate from t…
Park in Chattanooga

Coolidge Park

A good place to start a riverfront stroll, Coolidge Park has a play fountain, a carousel ($1 per ride), well-used playing fields, and a 50ft climbing wall attached to one of the columns supporting the Walnut Street …
Park in Chattanooga

Tennessee Riverwalk

A 13-mile, multiuse paved greenway on the south side of the Tennessee River, the Riverwalk runs from downtown through Amnicola Marsh and along South Chickamauga Creek to the Tennessee Riverpark. There are plans to e…
Park in Chattanooga

Sculpture Fields at Montague Park

Large-scale sculptures from a global array of artists dot this 33-acre outdoor museum. Open since 2016, the park is a pleasant place to stroll on a pretty day, and the art is intriguing.