• In this guide, the internet symbol indicates a terminal is available, while the wi-fi symbol indicates a hot spot; either may be free or fee-based.
  • Most hotels and resorts, and many coffee shops, bars and other businesses, offer public wi-fi (sometimes free only for paying customers).
  • Honolulu, Waikiki and a few island towns have business centers with pay-as-you-go internet terminals (typically $6 to $12 per hour) and sometimes wi-fi.
  • Hawaii’s public libraries (www.librarieshawaii.org) provide free internet access via their online computer terminals, but you will need a temporary nonresident library card ($10). Some library branches now offer free wi-fi (no card required).


Not all lodgings have wi-fi; some have wired connections (fees may apply). Look for wi-fi hot spots in hotel lobbies and cafes.