National Park in Central Kentucky

Mammoth Cave National Park

With the longest cave system on earth, this national park has some 400 miles of surveyed passageways. Mammoth is at least three times longer than any other known cave, with vast interior cathedrals, bottomless pits …
Tastings in Bardstown

Chapeze House

Michael Masters (known only as 'the Colonel'), and his lovely wife, Margeret Sue, will lead you through a tasting from his collection of more than 100 premium and vintage bourbons inside their lavish Federal-style m…
Distillery in Central Kentucky

Maker's Mark

Touring Maker's Mark is like visiting a small, historic theme park, but in the best way. You'll see the old gristmill, the 1840s master distiller's house and the old-fashioned wooden firehouse with an antique fire t…
State Park in Daniel Boone National Forest

Natural Bridge State Resort Park

Bordering Red River Gorge is this state park, notable for its sandstone arch. It's a family-friendly park, with camping, rooms and cottages at its Hemlock Lodge and 20 miles of short hiking trails. If you don't want…
Museum in Central Kentucky

Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill

This area was home to a community of the Shaker religious sect until the early 1900s. Tour 14 impeccably restored buildings, set amid buttercup meadows and winding stone paths. There's an inn and restaurant, and a g…
Distillery in Bardstown

Heaven Hill

One of the largest distilleries in the state, it makes Evan Williams, Elijah Craig and supplies 16% of the world's bourbon supply. Its Bourbon Heritage Center is geared toward tourists, with a tasting room inside a …
Distillery in Bardstown


You’ll enjoy touring the 120-acre property, including a prolonged look into the newly refurbished chalet distillery where big stainless-steel cornmash cookers and seven 10,000-gallon stainless-steel fermenters are a…
Distillery in Central Kentucky

Jim Beam

Watch a film about the Beam family, take the 90-minute tour through the factory and warehouses of the country's largest bourbon distillery, or simply do a self-guided stroll before converging on its high-tech tastin…
Museum in Bardstown

Oscar Getz Museum of Whiskey History

Tells the bourbon story with old moonshine stills, an impressive bottle collection and other artifacts. Donations appreciated.
Landmark in Central Kentucky

Abraham Lincoln Birthplace

Lincoln's birthplace is now a faux Greek temple constructed around an old log cabin. Ten minutes away is Honest Abe's boyhood home at Knob Creek, with access to hiking trails.