Historic Building in Cataloochee Valley

Caldwell House

With its weatherboarding, interior paneling and shingled gables, as well as its white exterior and jaunty blue trim, this frame house, built in 1906, seems almost of the modern era.
Church in Cataloochee Valley

Palmer Chapel

No, this Methodist church isn't turning its back on Cataloochee Rd. Built in 1898, it faces the old road that once ran through the valley. Circuit-riding preachers visited the chapel one Sunday per month. Today the …
Historic Building in Cataloochee Valley

Palmer House

The yellow Palmer House is a 'dog-trot' house, meaning it consists of two separate log cabins sitting side by side with a covered breezeway between them. The log cabins were later weatherboarded. Facing the house, t…
Historic Building in Cataloochee Valley

Beech Grove School

This 1901 schoolhouse is the one of only three valley schoolhouses still standing. Inside you'll find rows of old desks and a blackboard. School was typically in session from November through January, with an extra …