Top things to do in Cascade Locks

Park in Cascade Locks

Eagle Creek Recreation Area

The beautiful, 13.2-mile Eagle Creek Trail is the gorge's most popular hike; on summer weekends, get here early to snag a parking spot. Early gorge promoters engineered this historic trail in 1910 to coincide with t…
Dam in Cascade Locks

Bonneville Dam

This dam was one of the largest New Deal projects of the Depression era. Completed in 1937, it was the first major dam on the Columbia River. Dam construction brought thousands of jobs, and the cheap electricity pro…
Hatchery in Cascade Locks

Bonneville Fish Hatchery

Next door to Bonneville Dam, in pretty grounds with picnic tables, is this visitor-friendly facility. There are several ponds full of rainbow trout and massive sturgeon – including a 70-year-old 11-footer named Herm…
Museum in Cascade Locks

Cascade Locks Historical Museum

Housed in an old lockmaster's three-story residence (1905) across from the locks, this museum features Native American artifacts, a fish wheel and a basement taxidermy collection – including a very surprised bobcat.
Diner in Cascade Locks

Eastwind Drive-in

This diner draws big crowds for its hamburgers and – mostly – its enormous, towering soft-serve ice-cream cones.