Calistoga drinking and nightlife

Bar in Calistoga

Brannan’s Grill

The mahogany bar at Calistoga's handsomest restaurant is great for martinis and microbrews, especially 7pm to 10pm Friday and Saturday, when there's live jazz.
Bar in Calistoga


Sip craft cocktails beside outdoor fireplaces and a pool surrounded with palm trees at this Napa-swank resort bar.
Cafe in Calistoga

Yo El Rey

Hip kids favor this microroastery, which serves stellar small-batch, organic, fair-trade coffee.
Bar in Calistoga

Susie’s Bar

Turn your baseball cap sideways, swill beer and shoot pool to a soundtrack of classic rock.
Bar in Calistoga

Hydro Grill

Live music plays on Sundays and one Saturday a month at this hoppin' corner bar-restaurant.