Diner in San Diego

Corvette Diner

Your kids will be your BFFs for bringing them to this over-the-top '50s-themed diner in Liberty Station. DJs spin rock-and-roll classics, waitresses wear poodle skirts and bouffant wigs, waiters dance in the aisles,…
Diner in Eastern Sierra

Saddlebag Lake Resort

On the southeast shore of Saddlebag Lake, this diner-cum-general store (no lodging) serves up egg and pancake breakfasts, burgers, sandwiches and homemade pie.
Diner in San Diego

Clayton's Coffee Shop

Some diners only look old-fashioned. This one is the real deal from the 1940s, with red leatherette swivel stools and booths with mini-jukeboxes. It does famous all-American breakfasts and some Mexican specialties l…
Diner in Napa Valley

Buttercream Bakery

For a retro-flashback: this pink-striped diner, favored by Napa's little old ladies, has all-day breakfasts and white-bread lunches, served by matrons in heavy eye shadow.