Top Choice Deli in North Beach & Chinatown


Observe quasi-religious North Beach noontime rituals: enter Molinari, and grab a number and a crusty roll. When your number's called, wisecracking staff pile your roll with heavenly fixings: milky buffalo mozzarella…
Top Choice Deli in Ventura

Paradise Pantry

On the cafe side of Paradise Pantry you can grab a sandwich, soup, cheese or meat plate in a quietly buzzing atmosphere. On the deli side, you can stock up on supplies for a beach or Channel Island picnic (sandwiche…
Deli in Santa Monica

Wexler's Deli

Chef Micah Wexler has worked at some of the top kitchens in town, but his newest venture gets back to basics, with old-school Jewish deli classics. Whether you get house-smoked fish (lox, whitefish, sturgeon) on a b…
Deli in West Hollywood & Mid-City


Chef Eric Greenspan pushes boundaries (his Grilled Cheese truck set off an LA and then nationwide trend), but his new restaurant (opened 2017) brings him back to his Jewish roots – sort of. Everything here is kosher…
Deli in West Hollywood & Mid-City


As old school delis go, Canter's is hard to beat. A fixture in the traditionally Jewish Fairfax district since 1931, it serves up the requisite pastrami, corned beef and matzo ball soup with a side of sass by seen-i…
Deli in Newport Beach

Dory Deli

This hip new beachfront storefront does hot and cold sandwiches like the Rubinstein, Lifeguard Club and the steak-filled Rocky Balboa, plus fresh-caught fish and chips. For breakfast, you could be good and get the y…
Deli in The Marina, Fisherman’s Wharf & the Piers

Lucca Delicatessen

Open since 1929, this classic Italian deli is an ideal spot to assemble picnics for Marina Green. Besides perfect prosciutto and salami, nutty cheeses and fruity Chiantis, expect made-to-order sandwiches on fresh-ba…
Deli in Elk

Elk Store

Make a stop here for gourmet foods, gifts, Mendocino county wines and a great deli menu with build-your-own sandwiches, burritos, bagels and wraps, and an awesomely good clam chowder.
Deli in Malibu & Pacific Palisades

John’s Garden

At Malibu’s favorite lunch counter you can order fresh daily soups such as curry tomato lentil and Louisiana gumbo, salads that echo Greece, Italy, Cape Cod and Korea, Italian sandwiches and classics such as the Woo…
Deli in Highland Park & Eagle Rockights

Eagle Rock Italian Bakery

The Carfachia family has been running this old-school Italian deli for over 40 years, and everyone from local matriarchs to laborers and hipsters hit the place for its hulking lunchtime sandwiches. Mamma of them all…