Vietnamese in San Diego

Saigon on Fifth

This Vietnamese place tries hard and succeeds, with dishes like fresh spring rolls, fish of Hue (with garlic, ginger and lemongrass) and rockin’ ‘spicy noodles.’ Staff dress nicely and the room is elegant but not ov…
Thai in San Diego


This multi-award-winning, hole-in-the-wall is actually two shops – Saffron Thai Grilled Chicken and Noodles & Saté, but you can get both at either shop and enjoy it in the noodle shop. Chicken is cooked over a c…
Indian in San Diego


This little, modern, neat-as-a-pin place has a tiny but well-chosen menu of curries and tandoori chicken, and a much longer menu of craft and bottled beers from as far away as India. It's adorned with simple black-a…
Indian in San Francisco

Roli Roti

Asian in San Francisco


Dim sum on the run: baked buns and clamshell bao (steamed buns) with gourmet fillings.