Top things to do in Caliente

Park in Caliente

Cathedral Gorge State Park

Fifteen miles north of Caliente, just past the turn-off to Panaca, Cathedral Gorge State Park is one of those magical out-of-the-way places that you never regret traveling all that way for. Wandering among its wind-…
Park in Caliente

Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge

US Hwy 93 parallels the eastern edge of the Desert National Wildlife Range (where bighorn sheep can be spotted) and runs by this wildlife sanctuary where spring-fed lakes surrounded by cottonwoods are a major stopov…
Park in Caliente

Spring Valley State Park

With exposed faults of pinky-gray rock, historic ranch houses and an artificial reservoir where you can swim, fish and frolic, it's easy to see why this state park has its admirers, despite its distance from civiliz…
Gifts & Souvenirs in Caliente

Alien Research Center

A glorified souvenir-shop-cum-museum (of sorts), this place should be your first stop along the Extraterrestrial Highway, and has been positioned so that it's hard to miss. Pop in to speak to real-life ufologists, m…
Park in Caliente

Echo Canyon State Park

Rich with bird- and wildlife, this park, centered around a 65-acre artificial reservoir stocked with trout, some 30 miles northeast of Caliente, is a popular spot for camping, fishing, boating and swimming.
Pizza in Caliente

Pioneer Pizza

Locals rave about Pioneer Pizza, though competition ain't so fierce: it serves the only pies you'll find within 100 miles.