Modern American in Downtown & Waterfront


Staff will usher you discretely through closed doors into this hidden 'modern supper club'. The spectacular space artfully blends old-school luxury with contemporary eclecticism. The menu of mostly small plates does…
Korean in Downtown & Waterfront

Grass Roots Cafe

Here is a surprising hole-in-the-wall Korean gem, where two brothers are serving up traditional deliciousness from their ancestral homeland. Favorites include the Triple B (bi bim bop) and Porky's Nightmare (spicy m…
Chinese in Downtown & Waterfront

Gene's Chinese Flatbread

It's not often that we recommend leaving Chinatown for Chinese food, but it's only a few blocks away. And it's worth the detour to this unassuming storefront for chewy Xi'an-style noodles. No 9 (cumin lamb hand-pull…
Korean in Downtown & Waterfront


It's unusual that something so classy, so contemporary and so cosmopolitan should find a home in historic Blackstone Block. But here it is: Korean fusion. There are traditional dishes, including excellent bibimbap, …
Seafood in Downtown & Waterfront

Union Oyster House

The oldest restaurant in Boston, ye olde Union Oyster House has been serving seafood in this historic redbrick building since 1826. Countless historymakers have propped themselves up at this bar, including Daniel We…
Italian in Downtown & Waterfront

Casa Razdora

The line is usually out the door, but it's worth the wait for amazing Italian food, just like your nonna made. Pick a pasta (all made fresh on the premises) and top it with the delicious sauce of your choosing. Or s…
Sandwiches in Downtown & Waterfront


A chacarero is a traditional Chilean sandwich made with grilled chicken or beef, Muenster cheese, fresh tomatoes, guacamole and the surprise ingredient – steamed green beans. Stuffed into homemade bread, the sandwic…
Seafood in Downtown & Waterfront

James Hook & Co

For a superlative lobster roll close to downtown, look no further than this harborside seafood shack near the bridge to the Seaport district. Outdoor tables make it a perfect low-key lunch stop as you make your way …
Vegetarian in Downtown & Waterfront

Clover Food Lab

Right on the Freedom Trail, the first downtown branch of this socially conscious local success story serves veggie treats morning, noon and night, from popover sandwiches at breakfast to platters of BBQ seitan or Ba…
Seafood in Downtown & Waterfront


There are several options for lunch on Aquarium Plaza, including the Reef. This seasonal outdoor restaurant serves lobster rolls, clam chowder and steamers (steamed clams), with a side of sea breeze and harbor view.