Day Trips

Boston Harbor Islands

Four to 10 miles east; full day

These offshore islands are inviting for walking trails, rocky beaches, wild berries and one highly explorable abandoned fort.

Lexington & Concord

11 miles & 18 miles northwest; full day

Now serene suburbs, these twin towns were the site of the dramatic kickoff to the War for Independence on April 19, 1775.


16 miles northeast; full day

In addition to the many witchy sites in 'Witch City', Salem showcases a proud maritime history and unique artistic legacy.


37 miles south; full day

Settled by the Pilgrims in 1620, Plymouth is now home to Mayflower II, a replica of their ship, and Plimoth Plantation, a replica of their settlement.


56 miles east; full day

Provincetown is a perfect summer destination, with vast stretches of sandy beaches, miles of seaside bicycle trails and an eclectic strip of art galleries and seafood restaurants.