Must-see attractions in Charlestown

  • Boston, Massachusetts, USA: Charlestown Navy Yard - USS Constitution - prow decoration - stars and stripes - wooden-hulled, three-masted heavy frigate - Boston National Historical Park - photo by M.Torres

    USS Constitution


    ‘Her sides are made of iron!’ cried a crewman upon watching a shot bounce off the thick oak hull of the USS Constitution during the War of 1812. This bit…

  • Bunker Hill Monument


    This 220ft granite obelisk monument commemorates the turning-point battle that was fought on the surrounding hillside on June 17, 1775. Ultimately, the…

  • Charlestown Navy Yard, Boston, MA

    Charlestown Navy Yard


    Besides the historic ships docked here and the museum dedicated to them, the Charlestown Navy Yard is a living monument to its own history of shipbuilding…

  • 040625-N-2568S-006 Boston, Mass. (June 25, 2004) --  Sarah Watkins, Curator for the Constitution Museum describes Constitution's rigging to Secretary of the Navy Gordon R. England and British Ambassador Sir David Manning, during a tour of the museum.  The Secretary and Ambassador also toured Constitution and Bunker Hill, and were honored guests at a recption aboard the British ship HMS Cornwall.  The visit focused on the close tie between the U.S. and royal navies; a partnership that is a key element in the war on terrorism  U.S. Navy photo by Chief Journalist Craig P. Strawser. (RELEASED) . .

    USS Constitution Museum


    Head indoors to this museum for a play-by-play of the various battles of the USS Constitution, as well as its current role as the flagship of the US Navy…

  • USS Cassin Young


    This 376ft WWII destroyer is one of 14 Fletcher-class destroyers built at the Charlestown Navy Yard. These were the Navy’s fastest, most versatile ships…

  • Bunker Hill Museum


    Opposite the Bunker Hill Monument, this redbrick museum contains two floors of exhibits, including historical dioramas, a few artifacts and an impressive…

  • Great House Site


    Besides being an urban plaza, the aptly named City Sq is also an archaeological site. Big Dig construction to reroute I-93 unearthed the foundation of a…

  • John Harvard Mall


    North of City Sq, this shady, brick plaza leads up Town Hill. Back in the days of the earliest European settlements, a fort crowned Town Hill, which you…