Park in Streetcar Suburbs

Arnold Arboretum

Under a public/private partnership with Harvard University, the 265-acre Arnold Arboretum is planted with over 15,000 exotic trees and flowering shrubs. This gem is pleasant year-round, but it’s particularly beautif…
Historic Site in Streetcar Suburbs

John F Kennedy National Historic Site

Four of the nine Kennedy children were born and raised in this modest house, including Jack, who was born in the master bedroom in 1917. Matriarch Rose Kennedy oversaw the restoration of the house in the late 1960s;…
Park in Streetcar Suburbs

Olmsted Park

Part of the Emerald Necklace, Olmsted Park features a paved path that hugs the banks of Leverett Pond and Ward's Pond in Jamaica Plain.
Park in Streetcar Suburbs

Franklin Park

Franklin Park, at 500-plus acres and part of the Emerald Necklace, is an underutilized resource – partly because it borders a sketchy neighborhood, and partly because it is so huge. Still, on weekend afternoons the …
Cemetery in Streetcar Suburbs

Forest Hills Cemetery

Dating to 1848, Forest Hills is a gorgeous, green cemetery that is filled with art and whimsy. It is still an active burial ground, but it also plays the role of open-air museum. The walking paths are lined with scu…
Zoo in Streetcar Suburbs

Franklin Park Zoo

Tucked into Franklin Park, the zoo features a half-dozen different habitats, as well as special exhibits devoted to birds and butterflies. The zoo's highlight is the well-designed Tropical Forest pavilion, complete …
Historic Site in Streetcar Suburbs

Frederick Law Olmsted National Historic Site

Widely considered the father of landscape design, Frederick Law Olmsted ran his operation from his home 'Fairsted,' which is now a National Historic Site. The gorgeous grounds are open to casual callers. Take a tour…
Museum in Streetcar Suburbs

Larz Anderson Auto Museum & Park

Larz and Isabel Anderson, a high-society couple, bought their first automobile in 1899: a Winton Runabout. It was the first of 32 autos that they would purchase over the next 50 years. 'America’s oldest motorcar col…
Gallery in Streetcar Suburbs

Photographic Resource Center

The independent Photographic Resource Center is one of the few centers in the US devoted exclusively to this art form. The PRC’s rotating exhibits lean toward the modern and experimental, often featuring work by ama…