Top Choice Historic Building in Downtown & Waterfront

Old State House

Dating from 1713, the Old State House is Boston’s oldest surviving public building, where the Massachusetts Assembly used to debate the issues of the day before the Revolution. The building is best known for its bal…
Park in Downtown & Waterfront


Representing the journey of life, a granite path winds its way to a central fountain, offering a few moments of contemplative respite to anyone who cares to take the time to walk the course. Dedicated by the Armenia…
Fountain in Downtown & Waterfront

Rings Fountain

This playful fountain is unpredictable and irresistible, especially on a hot day. The weekly Greenway Open Market is held nearby.
Aquarium in Downtown & Waterfront

New England Aquarium

Teeming with sea creatures of all sizes, shapes and colors, this giant fishbowl is the centerpiece of downtown Boston's waterfront. The main attraction is the three-story Giant Ocean Tank, which swirls with thousand…
Church in Downtown & Waterfront

King's Chapel & Burying Ground

Puritan Bostonians were not pleased when the original Anglican church was erected on this site in 1688. The granite chapel standing today – built in 1754 – houses the largest bell ever made by Paul Revere, as well a…
Historic Building in Downtown & Waterfront

Faneuil Hall

‘Those who cannot bear free speech had best go home,’ said Wendell Phillips. ‘Faneuil Hall is no place for slavish hearts.’ Indeed, this public meeting place was the site of so much rabble-rousing that it earned the…
Historic Building in Downtown & Waterfront

Custom House

Begun in 1837, the lower portion of the Custom House resembles a Greek temple. But the federal government wanted something grander, so in 1913 it exempted itself from local height restrictions and financed a 500ft t…
Historic Building in Downtown & Waterfront

Old South Meeting House

‘No tax on tea!’ That was the decision on December 16, 1773, when 5000 angry colonists gathered here to protest British taxes, leading to the Boston Tea Party. Download an audio of the historic pre–Tea Party meeting…
Monument in Downtown & Waterfront

Boston Massacre Site

Directly in front of the Old State House, encircled by cobblestones, a bronze plaque marks the spot where the first blood was shed for the American independence movement. On March 5, 1770, an angry mob of colonists …
Park in Downtown & Waterfront

Rose Kennedy Greenway

The gateway to the newly revitalized waterfront is the Rose Kennedy Greenway. Where once was a hulking overhead highway, now winds a 27-acre strip of landscaped gardens, fountain-lined greens and public art installa…