Top Choice Area in Boise

Basque Block

Unbeknownst to many, Boise harbors one of the largest Basque populations outside Spain. European émigrés first arrived in the 1910s to work as Idaho shepherds. Elements of their distinct culture can be glimpsed al…
Museum in Boise

Basque Museum & Cultural Center

Sandwiched between the ethnic taverns, restaurants and bars is the Basque Museum & Cultural Center, a commendable effort to unveil the intricacies of Basque culture and how it was transposed 6000 miles west to I…
Landmark in Boise

Idaho State Capitol

The joy of US state capitol buildings is that visitors can admire some of the nation's best architecture for free. The Boise building, constructed from native sandstone, celebrates the neoclassical style in vogue wh…
Museum in Boise

Idaho State Historical Museum

The most central and action-packed space on the Greenbelt, 90-acre Julia Davis Park contains the Idaho State Historical Museum with well thought-out exhibits on Lewis and Clark.
Museum in Boise

Boise Art Museum

Inside 90-acre Julia Davis Park, this art museum displays contemporary art in all media, including touring exhibitions by some big names (Kara Walker, Nick Cave). On First Thursdays each month, admission is by donat…
Landmark in Boise

Anduiza Fronton Building

Originally a boarding house from 1912, this building is home to Boise's popular indoor pala (Basque racquetball) court – check at the Basque Museum for a schedule of games.
Park in Boise

Boise River & Greenbelt

Laid out in the 1960s, the tree-lined riverbanks of the Boise River protect 30 miles of vehicle-free trails. It personifies Boise's 'city of trees' credentials, with parks, museums and river fun.