Top things to do in Bluff

Top Choice Cafe in Bluff

Comb Ridge Bistro

An adobe gallery and cafe with standout single-pour coffee, blue-corn pancakes and breakfast sandwiches loaded with peppers and eggs. Dinner includes pasture-raised beef in the form of homemade meatloaf or whiskey b…
Landmark in Bluff

Valley of the Gods

Up and over, through and around: the 17-mile unpaved road (County Rd 242) that leads through Valley of the Gods is like a do-it-yourself roller coaster amid some mind-blowing scenery. In other states, this incredibl…
Steak in Bluff

Cottonwood Steakhouse

Salad, steak and beans are big on the menu at this Wild West venue with an outdoor grill (closed in windy conditions). For small appetites, it's worth splitting a plate.
Park in Bluff

Hovenweep National Monument

Meaning ‘deserted valley’ in Ute language, Hovenweep is a remote area of former Ancestral Puebloan settlements straddling the Colorado–Utah border that was once home to a large population before drought forced peopl…
Native American in Bluff

Twin Rocks Cafe & Trading Post

Locals flock here for fry bread (deep-fried dough) as a breakfast sandwich, a Navajo taco at lunch or accompanying stew with dinner. Has good service and vegetarian options. Beer is also served.
Gifts & Souvenirs in Bluff

Hatch Trading Post

The closest store to Hovenweep National Monument is the Hatch Trading Post, an atmospheric white-brick building that sells a few sundries and some Native American crafts.
Archaeological Site in Bluff

Sand Island Petroglyphs

On BLM land 3 miles west of Bluff, these freely accessible petroglyphs were created between 800 and 2500 years ago. The nearby campground boat launch is the starting point for San Juan River adventures.
Historic Site in Bluff

Bluff Fort

Descendants of the original pioneers have re-created the original log cabin settlement near the few remaining historic buildings in Bluff.