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Complete History and Movie Walking Tour of Beaufort

Discover the fascinating stories of Beaufort on this 2-hour walking tour. Learn about the role of Beaufort in the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. See where famous movie stars stayed and filmed, including Demi Moore while filming GI Jane and Sally Field while filming Forrest Gump. Experience the charm of seaside Beaufort on this 2-hour walking tour.
2 hours
Cultural & Theme Tours

Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary Jungle Hike and River Tubing

Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary has the world’s highest concentration of big cats in the world. In addition to jaguars, this 98 000 acre Jaguar Reserve is home to jaguarondis, pumas, ocelots and margays. There is also a lot of “cat food” to be found including agouties, anteaters, armadillos, tapirs, brocket deer, coatis, kinkajous, otters, pacas, and peccaries and a troop of howler monkeys. Lots of birds can be seen while hiking in this beautiful wildlife refuge.  Your licensed guide will show and describe many of the plants and trees and the uses the Maya made of them and will help you spot the birds, insects and animals resident in the Jaguar Preserve.
8 hours