Internet Access

Travelers will have few problems staying connected in the tech-savvy USA.

Wi-fi (in-room, with decent speed) is common in lodgings across the price spectrum. Many properties also have an internet-connected computer for public use.

Many restaurants, bars and cafes (such as Starbucks) offer free wi-fi. Some cities have wi-fi connected parks and plazas.

If you’re not packing a laptop or other web-accessible device, try the public library. Most have public terminals (though they have time limits) and wi-fi. Occasionally out-of-state residents are charged a small fee for use.

If you're not from the US, remember that you may need an AC adapter for your laptop (if it's not 110/220 dual-voltage), plus a plug adapter for US sockets; both are available at large electronics shops, such as Best Buy.

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