Top things to do

Top Choice Factory in Birmingham

Sloss Furnaces

The Sloss Furnaces constitutes one of Birmingham's can't-miss sites. From 1882 to 1971, this was a pig iron–producing blast furnace and a cornerstone of Birmingham's economy. Today, instead of a wasteland it's a Nat…
Top Choice Museum in Birmingham

Birmingham Civil Rights Institute

A maze of moving audio, video and photography exhibits tell the story of racial segregation in America, and the Civil Rights movement, with a focus on activities in and around Birmingham. There's an extensive exhibi…
Top Choice American in Birmingham

Highlands Bar & Grill

Frank Stitt's most acclaimed restaurant, Highlands has been serving up modern Southern cuisine using French cooking techniques since 1982 in this elegant, 1920s-inspired dining room. The service is as outstanding as…
Top Choice Barbecue in Birmingham

Saw's Soul Kitchen

Saw's has exploded onto the Birmingham barbecue scene with a vengeance, offering some of the most mouth-watering smoked meat in the city, served in a family-friendly atmosphere. Stuffed potatoes make a nice addition…
Top Choice Bar in Birmingham

Garage Café

A crowd of hipsters and older drinking pros knock back their brew while tapping their toes to live music in a courtyard full of junk, antiques, ceramic statues and, quite literally, the kitchen sink.
Top Choice Bar in Birmingham


Marty's plays to hipsters, cool kids and an unapologetically geeky crowd, who are all attracted to a friendly bar packed with comic book art, Star Wars memorabilia, role-playing-game references, DJ nights, pop-up di…
Top Choice Mexican in Birmingham

Tacos Dos Hermanos

Excellent tacos – simple, delicious, cheap and...look, we have to stress: delicious. These guys sling a simple menu, will accommodate vegetarians, work hard and pull in huge crowds ranging from construction workers …
Park in Birmingham

Vulcan Park

Imagine Christ the Redeemer in Rio, but made of iron and depicting a beefcake Roman god of metalworking. Vulcan is visible from all over the city – this is actually the world's largest cast-iron statue – and the par…
French in Birmingham

Chez Fonfon

The name of this place merits a slight snicker, but save your smiles for the food, because it's very good French bistro fare. Hanger steak comes with a fresh green salsa and crispy, warm frites, while trout sizzles …
Park in Birmingham

Railroad Park

Credit where it's due: Birmingham's Railroad Park, which constitutes some 19 acres of downtown real estate, is a stroke of planning brilliance. As urban green lungs go, this park, and its miles of pathways, public a…