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Road conditions, hazards and rules

At the time of writing, temporary road closures have shuttered a 23 mile stretch along Hwy 1 through Big Sur. To the north, the Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge has been condemned after the eroding hillside undermined the support columns. In the southern part of the region, mudslides have covered the road at Mud Creek, significantly changing the landscape and making the area inaccessible via car. The Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge is scheduled to reopen in September of 2017. However, the California Department of Transportation has a larger challenge with the landslides. A plan was put forward in August 2017 to realign the highway across the landslide, but the enormous undertaking had no set date of completion at that time.

Until the road reopens, travelers can detour around Big Sur on Hwy 101. You'll miss out on some coastal views, but between stunning views of the California countryside, quaint towns and world-class wine tasting, it’s a detour worth taking on its own merit.