Top things to do

Top Choice Wildlife Reserve in Big Bend

Wakulla Springs State Park

Glowing an otherworldly aqua and overhung with Spanish moss, the natural spring at the center of this 6000-acre state park feels like something from the set of an exotic adventure movie, and indeed parts of Tarzan's…
Top Choice State Park in Big Bend

Manatee Springs State Park

This park is worth a stop for a dip into the 72˚F crystalline waters of the beautiful eponymous spring. On dry land – a spongy combo of sand and limestone shaded by tupelo, cypress and pine – there's the 8.5-mile-lo…
Top Choice Museum in Tallahassee

Tallahassee Museum of History & Natural Science

Occupying 52 acres of pristine manicured gardens and wilderness on the outskirts of Tallahassee, near the airport, this wonderful natural-history museum features living exhibits of Floridian flora and fauna – includ…
Wildlife Reserve in Big Bend

St Marks National Wildlife Refuge

About 25 miles southeast of Tallahassee you'll find the St Marks National Wildlife Refuge, established in 1931 to provide a winter habitat for migratory birds. It spans a whopping 70,000 acres and has approximately …
Forest in Big Bend

Apalachicola National Forest

You'll find over half a million acres of longleaf pine, bottom land forest, blackwater streams, cypress hammock, lakes, rivers, woody swamps, wiregrass, and a full palette of the arboreal ecosystems of the deep Amer…
Wildlife Reserve in Cedar Key

Cedar Keys National Wildlife Refuge

Home to 250 species of bird (including ibises, pelicans, egrets, herons and double-crested cormorants), 10 species of reptile and one romantic lighthouse, the 13 islands in this refuge can only be reached by boat. T…
Fusion in Tallahassee

Kool Beanz Café

It's got a corny name but a wonderfully eclectic and homey vibe – plus great, creative fare. The menu changes daily, but you can count on finding anything from hummus plates to jerk-spiced scallops to duck in bluebe…
Thai in Tallahassee


The real deal, and elegant despite its suburban strip-mall setting, Reangthai serves the kind of spicy, fish saucy, explode-in-your-mouth cuisine so many American Thai restaurants shy away from. Worth the drive.
Wildlife Reserve in Big Bend

Seacrest Wolf Preserve

This wolf preserve and rescue sanctuary, the only one of its kind in Florida, should fascinate wildlife lovers. Visitors will see and have (limited) interaction with four on-site wolf packs, as well as a slate of wo…
Museum in Tallahassee

Meek-Eaton Black Archives

The Southeastern Regional Black Archives Research Center & Museum was a forerunner in research on African American influence on US history and culture. Now known as the Meek-Eaton Black Archives, the center and …