Top Choice Californian in Berkeley

Chez Panisse

Foodies come to worship here at the church of Alice Waters, the inventor of California cuisine. It’s in a lovely Arts and Crafts house in the Gourmet Ghetto, and you can choose to pull out all the stops with a prix-…
Top Choice Japanese in Berkeley


Specializing in shōchū, a distilled alcohol often made from rice or barley, Japanese expats gush that Ippuku reminds them of izakaya (Japanese pubs serving food) back in Tokyo. Choose from a menu of skewered meats a…
Market in Berkeley

North Berkeley Farmers Market

Pick up some organic produce or tasty prepared food at North Berkeley's weekly farmers market, operating year-round.
Indian in Berkeley

Vik’s Chaat Corner

This longtime and very popular chaat house has moved to a larger space but still gets mobbed at lunchtime by regulars that include an equal number of hungry office workers and Indian families. Try a cholle (spicy ga…
Californian in Berkeley


When vegan foodies and passionate farm-to-table types dine out together, they often end up here. Inside a salvaged wood interior punctuated by green vines streaking down over an open kitchen, patrons swoon over dish…
Diner in Berkeley

Bette's Oceanview Diner

A buzzing breakfast spot, especially on the weekends, serving yummy baked soufflé pancakes and German-style potato pancakes with applesauce, plus eggs and sandwiches. Superfresh food and a nifty diner interior make …
Pizza in Berkeley

Cheese Board Pizza

Stop in to take stock of the over 300 cheeses available at this worker-owned business, and scoop up some fresh bread to make a picnic lunch. Or sit down for a slice of the fabulously crispy one-option-per-day veggie…
Cafe in Berkeley

Au Coquelet Café

Open till late, Au Coquelet is a popular stop for postmovie meals or late-night studying. The front section serves coffee and pastries while the skylit and spacious back room does a big range of omelets, pastas, san…
French in Berkeley

La Note

A rustic country-French bistro downtown, La Note serves excellent breakfasts. Wake up to a big bowl of café au lait, paired with oatmeal raspberry pancakes or lemon gingerbread pancakes with poached pears. Anticipat…