Beaumont & Golden Triangle attractions

Museum in Orange

Stark Museum of Art

The Stark Museum of Art has collections focused on artworks depicting native birds and wildlife (including works by John James Audubon), Native American craftworks, and Texan frontier culture. It's an astoundingly w…
Nature Reserve in Beaumont & Golden Triangle

Big Thicket National Preserve

Until the mid-19th century, Big Thicket was a dense and mysterious forest where Civil War draft dodgers hid out. Today the national preserve is the crossroads of Texas' most interesting ecosystems: where coastal pla…
Wildlife Reserve in Beaumont & Golden Triangle

Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge

Of the three national wildlife refuges along the Gulf Coast from Galveston to Louisiana, the 34,000-acre Anahuac has the best access – 50 miles northwest of Galveston and 80 miles southeast of Houston – and is there…
State Park in Beaumont & Golden Triangle

Sea Rim State Park

This park of more than 4000 acres includes vast marshlands north of TX 87 and over 5 miles of beaches south of the road. The wetlands are popular with birdwatchers, who can use the blinds built into key points. The …
Museum in Beaumont

Spindletop & Gladys City Boomtown Museum

Several prospectors saw promise in the Spindletop salt dome, but it took nearly a decade before an exploratory well leased by Anthony Lucas blew a fountain of oil and kicked off the Petroleum Age in the US. Almost o…
Historic Building in Orange

WH Stark House

The carefully restored WH Stark House reveals the lifestyle of turn-of-the-century society families. The elegant 1894 Victorian home – one of the last and certainly the most historically accurate in town – is filled…
Museum in Port Arthur

Museum of the Gulf Coast

This is a splendid museum that covers the natural, geological and cultural history of the region from 'Jurassic to Janis Joplin.' A large section is devoted to local celebrities like Janice, who remained a hometown …
Historic Building in Beaumont

McFaddin-Ward House

Visit this fabulous 1906 beaux-arts/colonial-revival mansion to see the excess made possible by the Spindletop oil boom. Members of the McFaddin family lived in the house until 1984; their original antique furnishin…
Wildlife Reserve in Beaumont

Gator Country

Feed the gators, photo-op with small reptiles and watch a live edutainment show put on by this local animal-rescue outfit. You may have seen the Gator Country crew in one of their roles rescuing alligators from huma…
Gardens in Orange

Shangri La Botanical Gardens & Nature Center

Combination flower garden and open-air art gallery, the grounds of Shangri La are a fantastic place to spend a sunny afternoon. The 'Outpost Tour' boat rides offer a unique view on the area.