Top things to do

Historic Building in Baton Rouge

Old State Capitol

The Gothic Revival, pink fairytale castle is…well, it's a pink castle. Which should tell you something about how eccentric the government of its resident state can be. Today the structure houses exhibits about the c…
Museum in Baton Rouge

LSU Museum of Art

The physical space this museum inhabits – the clean, geometric lines of the Shaw Center – is as impressive as the on-site galleries, which include a permanent collection of over 5000 works and curated galleries expl…
Historic Building in Baton Rouge

Louisiana State Capitol

The art-deco skyscraper looming over town was built at the height of the Great Depression to the tune of $5 million. It's the most visible leftover legacy of populist governor 'Kingfish' Huey Long. The 27th-floor ob…
Museum in Baton Rouge

Louisiana Arts & Science Museum

This museum has interesting arts and natural-history installations, as well as planetarium shows. If you just want a good stretch of the legs, there's a pleasant pedestrian-bike path along the Mississippi River, cov…
Pizza in Baton Rouge

Schlittz & Giggles

The food stands up to this awesomely-named downtown late-night bar and pizzeria. Bubbly coeds serve up thin-as-black-ice pizza slices ($3 to $3.50) and fabulous paninis to a student crowd, while a gaggle of old-time…
Live Music in Baton Rouge

Varsity Theatre

At the gates of LSU, there's live music here, often on weeknights. The attached restaurant boasts an extensive beer selection and a raucous college crowd.
Museum in Baton Rouge

Rural Life Museum

This outdoor museum promises a trip into the architecture, occupations and folkways of rural Louisiana. Numerous rough-hewn buildings are scattered over the bucolic campus, and exhibits are refreshingly honest and i…
Cajun in Baton Rouge

Louisiana Lagniappe

If you need a night out in Baton Rouge, and it requires the presence of delicious local cuisine, we'll direct you to Louisiana Lagniappe (lah-nyap). The second word means 'a little extra' in Louisiana French, and it…
Live Music in Baton Rouge

Boudreaux and Thiboudeux

Try this place downtown for live music Thursday to Saturday and a great upstairs balcony bar. Named for the dumb and dumber duo of classic Cajun comedy.