Modern American in Bangor


The young chef at this downtown place has been earning raves (and a packed dining room) for her international spin on local, seasonal ingredients. Think okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake) with Maine shrimp, seared halib…
Cafe in Bangor

Bagel Central

Vast and cafeteria-like, Bagel Central bakes up 18 varieties of bagel (including vegan and gluten-free options), which are then transformed into sandwiches spilling over with smoked salmon, turkey and other tasty fi…
Bakery in Bangor

Friars' Bakehouse

A couple of Franciscan friars in long brown robes preside over this tiny bakery, serving soups and sandwiches at lunch. Biting into one of their crunchy-topped blueberry muffins is practically a…spiritual experience…