Top Choice Area in Badlands National Park

Hwy 240 Badlands Loop Rd

The park's north unit gets the most visitors; this stunning road is easily reached from I-90 (exits 110 and 131) and you can drive it in an hour if you're in a hurry (and not stuck behind an RV). It is the main thor…
Area in Badlands National Park

Sage Creek Rim Rd

The portion of the Badlands west of Hwy 240 along this gravel road is much less visited than the sights of the Badlands Loop Rd. There are scenic overlooks and stops at prairie-dog towns; this is where most backcoun…
Nature Reserve in Badlands National Park

Buffalo Gap National Grassland

The Badlands, along with the surrounding Buffalo Gap National Grassland, protects the country's largest prairie grasslands, several species of Great Plains mammal (including bison and black-footed ferret), prairie f…