Locals refer to the bar-lined strip of 6th St between Congress Ave and the I-35 as Dirty 6th. Home to shot-bars and general party mayhem, this is where college kids and folks who want to relive their college days come to get smashed. There are a few quality bars in the mix, plus a great local cinema, but just be aware you may be surrounded by alcohol-driven craziness.

6th Street

Sixth St cuts across the city. In and around downtown, sections of the street have different nicknames when it comes to nightlife. Dirty 6th is the wild, bar-lined section stretching from Congress Ave east to I-35. East 6th refers to the burgeoning strip of restaurants and bars lining 6th St east of the I-35 in East Austin. West 6th, which is west of Congress Ave, has a few solid dive bars and live music venues. Also note that 6th St runs one-way, from east to west, between Hwy 1/MoPac Expy and the I-35.