Waffle House

Top choice diner in Atlanta

To say Waffle House is an Atlanta institution is an insult to Waffle House – this quintessential greasy-spoon diner is…everything! And while there are a million locations in Atlanta proper (OK, more like 130-plus), this Avondale Estates location is less than a half mile down the street from the original 1955 location at 2719 E College Ave (now a museum).

There's no Atlantan who hasn't munched down on patty melt (a flattened burger with caramelized onions and cheese on toasted bread) with hash browns covered (with cheese) and topped (with chili); or a sausage, egg and cheese grits bowl; or a pecan waffle at some point in their lives. Some Atlanta-area interstate exits actually feature dueling locations on either side of the highway. There are country songs about Waffle House too. You get the picture – Waffle House is awesome.