Top Choice Gallery in Atlanta

High Museum of Art

Atlanta's modern High Museum was the first to exhibit art lent from Paris' Louvre, and is a destination as much for its architecture as its world-class exhibits. The striking whitewashed multilevel building houses a…
Top Choice Historic Site in Atlanta

Martin Luther King Jr National Historic Site

The historic site commemorates the life, work and legacy of the civil rights leader and one of the great Americans. The center takes up several blocks.
Museum in Atlanta

Center for Puppetry Arts

A wonderland for visitors of all ages and hands-down one of Atlanta's most unique attractions, the museum houses a treasury of puppets, some of which you get to operate yourself. A major addition is the Worlds of Pu…
Gardens in Atlanta

Atlanta Botanical Garden

In the northwest corner of Piedmont Park, the stunning 30-acre botanical garden has a Japanese garden, winding paths and the amazing Fuqua Orchid Center.
TV Studio in Atlanta

CNN Center

The 55-minute behind-the-scenes tour through the headquarters of the international, 24-hour news giant is a good time for fans. Although visitors don't get very close to Wolf Blitzer (or his cronies), the 9am and no…
Church in Atlanta

First Ebenezer Baptist Church

Martin Luther King Jr, his father and grandfather were all pastors here, and King Jr's mother was the choir director. Sadly she was murdered here by a deranged gunman while she sat at the organ in 1974. A multimilli…
Museum in Atlanta

Fernbank Museum of Natural History

There are better natural history museums, but Fernbank is especially kid-friendly with its new Naturequest exhibit. The museum covers the natural world from seashells to giant lizards, and it has an IMAX theater.
Aquarium in Atlanta

Georgia Aquarium

Whale sharks, beluga whales and more than 100,000 other animals representing 500 species swimming about in eight million gallons of fresh and marine water make this the world's second largest aquarium. It would be r…
Landmark in Atlanta

Georgia State Capitol

The gold-domed capitol is Atlanta's political hub. The free tours (choose to be guided or self-guided) give an inside glance at the government's communications facility.
Museum in Atlanta

King Center for Non-Violent Social Change

Across from the National Historic Site visitor center, this place has more information on King's life and work and a few of his personal effects, including his Nobel Peace Prize. His gravesite is surrounded by a lon…