Top things to do in Asbury Park

Top Choice Italian in Asbury Park


A high-ceilinged, hardwood-picnic-table heaven, with customized ovens from Naples and thin-crust pizzas vetted by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana. A glass of red and a side of meatballs at the lively happy …
Beer Garden in Asbury Park

Asbury Festhalle and Biergarten

Deutschland by the Sea: quaff from 41 draft ales on the rooftop beer garden or check out live music in a space as big as two barns, with classic long beer-hall tables. Snack on pretzels bigger than your face, fill u…
Arcade in Asbury Park

Silver Ball Museum Arcade

Dozens of pinball machines in mint condition, from mechanical 1950s games to modern classics such as Addams Family. Play all you like, for a single price.
Cafe in Asbury Park

Sunset Landing

On Deal Lake, about 10 blocks from the beach, Sunset Landing is like a Hawaiian surf shack transported to a suburban Asbury lakeside. Vintage longboards crowd the wooden rafters, cheesy omelets are super-fresh, and …
Bar in Asbury Park

Bond Street Bar

If you've had enough of the fancy side of AP, come here: burgers, corn dogs and beer are all five bucks, and sometimes less. No frills, cash only and the bar staff sell shirts that say 'Bond Street Bar: Go F*** Your…
Live Music in Asbury Park

Stone Pony

Best known as the bar where Bruce Springsteen launched his career, the Pony has continued to be a respectable rock venue – a genuine, sweaty, feet-stick-to-the-floor club – and hosts a big outdoor festival at the be…
Bar in Asbury Park

Johnny Mac House of Spirits

How can you beat a free slice of pizza with every drink? Themed nights such as Wednesday's Speed Dating night, three levels of different activities such as Skee-Ball, and subterranean tunnels to other bars. God does…
Performing Arts in Asbury Park

Convention Hall

This once-derelict airplane-hangar-sized structure is home to a revitalized Convention Hall for concerts and such, an upscale Grand Arcade with fine dining restaurants and bric-a-brac shops, and the art-deco Paramou…
Distillery in Asbury Park

Asbury Park Distilling

A distilling revolution has taken the Garden State by storm since a bill allowing craft distillers was passed in 2013. This newcomer to the scene serves up craft whisky and gin and is connected by a glass door to th…
Italian in Asbury Park


With views of Wesley Lake dividing Asbury and Ocean Grove and an extensive martini menu, it's hard to find fault. The menu is eclectic, though it leans towards Italian with a good selection of pastas; the meat and f…