Top Choice Italian in Asbury Park


A high-ceilinged, hardwood-picnic-table heaven, with customized ovens from Naples and thin-crust pizzas vetted by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana. A glass of red and a side of meatballs at the lively happy …
Cafe in Asbury Park

Sunset Landing

On Deal Lake, about 10 blocks from the beach, Sunset Landing is like a Hawaiian surf shack transported to a suburban Asbury lakeside. Vintage longboards crowd the wooden rafters, cheesy omelets are super-fresh, and …
Italian in Asbury Park


With views of Wesley Lake dividing Asbury and Ocean Grove and an extensive martini menu, it's hard to find fault. The menu is eclectic, though it leans towards Italian with a good selection of pastas; the meat and f…
Seafood in Asbury Park


Catering to AP's expanding tastes (what's a cherry gastrique, anyway?), Tides does seafood and Italian to perfection, though you may also find comfort and lower prices via its bar menu and the burgers, fish and chip…
Cafe in Asbury Park

America's Cup

Nautical theme, coffee-bag-covered chairbacks, subtle music and a long list of 'bad-ass' waffles. And nice, fresh coffee. Lovely.