Asbury Park entertainment

Arcade in Asbury Park

Silver Ball Museum Arcade

Dozens of pinball machines in mint condition, from mechanical 1950s games to modern classics such as Addams Family. Play all you like, for a single price.
Live Music in Asbury Park

Stone Pony

Best known as the bar where Bruce Springsteen launched his career, the Pony has continued to be a respectable rock venue – a genuine, sweaty, feet-stick-to-the-floor club – and hosts a big outdoor festival at the be…
Performing Arts in Asbury Park

Convention Hall

This once-derelict airplane-hangar-sized structure is home to a revitalized Convention Hall for concerts and such, an upscale Grand Arcade with fine dining restaurants and bric-a-brac shops, and the art-deco Paramou…
Live Music in Asbury Park

Wonder Bar

A grungy, seen-it-all venue. Most shows are for over-21s.