The most popular attraction in the state and only 20 minutes’ drive from the downtowns of Dallas and Fort Worth, this amusement park can be a blast. Roller coasters rule: there are 13 of them, including two of the old-fashioned (wooden) kind.

Plan ahead to avoid the worst crowds (weekends, midday in summer). Hit the most popular rides either first thing in the morning or in the evening, when lines are shortest. Aside from the mighty, scream-inducing roller coasters such as Batman the Ride, Mr Freeze, and Shock Wave (once the world's tallest coaster), other reliable thrills include the adrenaline-charged Superman: Tower of Power, which shoots brave souls up into the sky at 45mph (cape not included), and La Vibora, a bobsled ride that gives riders a fun taste of the Olympic sport. The Texas SkyScreamer whisks you around 400ft from the ground. Other highlights are the legendary Texas Giant, which has the steepest drop (79 degrees) of any wooden coaster in the world.

Loony Tunes Land is populated by the Warner Bros cartoon characters and caters to kids.

To ease your visit, stow valuables and bags in lockers at the entry mall just inside the park gate, where you can also rent strollers and wheelchairs, or board your pets ($10). Remember that height restrictions vary per ride and range from 42in to 54in.

Purchase tickets online for discounts. Unfortunately there is no public transportation to Six Flags; however, some local hotels are linked via the Arlington Trolley. The hours vary, but in June and July the park is open daily. Opening hours and days vary from March to May and August to December.