Top Choice Music in Mountain View

Mountain View Music

This family-owned and -operated music store is a cornerstone of the Mountain View roots-music scene, and has a fantastic stock of mandolins, banjos, fiddles and more. You'll often find musicians jamming on the front…
Market in Little Rock

River Market District

Our favorite shopping stroll in Little Rock in this district, an area of studios, galleries, restaurants and pubs along the riverbank. The Ottenheimer Market Hall is a good starting point for exploring the area.
Music in Mountain View

The Dulcimer Shoppe

If you've never heard a dulcimer, they sound like the stringed instrumental version of birdsong on a spring morning. This shop (or 'shoppe') provides some beauties, in terms of both form and their sound.
Gifts & Souvenirs in Eureka Springs

Meteorites & More

Owned by Steve Arnold, the Science Channel’s Meteorite Man. He sells space rocks, including glassy stone pieces sourced from the American desert, the Sahara and Russia.
Art in Eureka Springs

Wilson & Wilson Folk Art Co

A good dealership to find original, contemporary folk art (ie art created by those who are not formally trained artists).
Music in Helena

Bubba's Blues Corner

Make like Robert Plant and stop by this wonderfully cluttered shop to pick up a blues record.