Must-see shopping in Ozark Mountains

  • Fayetteville’s Funky Yardsale


    The South has more eccentrics than some people may assume, and a shop like Fayetteville’s Funky Yardsale is evidence of these idiosyncratic individuals…

  • Mountain View Music

    Ozark Mountains

    This family-owned and -operated music store is a cornerstone of the Mountain View roots-music scene, and has a fantastic stock of mandolins, banjos,…

  • Tee Rex

    Ozark Mountains

    This neat little shop is full of both toys for kids, and funky gifts for adults, so you'll find everything from vintage action figures to Freddie Mercury…

  • Nightbird Books


    In contrast to the lovably messy Dickson St Bookshop, Nightbird is more curated and focused in its selection. It's a lovely, polished independent…

  • Emma's Museum of Junk


    Emma's has to be one of the most accurately named businesses in the Ozark, for it is, by any standard, a big old house stuffed to the rafters with...well,…

  • McSpadden Mountain Dulcimers

    Ozark Mountains

    If you've never heard a dulcimer, it sounds like the stringed instrumental version of birdsong on a spring morning. This shop (or 'shoppe') provides some…

  • Dickson St Bookshop


    This bookstore really nails that wonderful 'attic with every book you've ever read' vibe. The interior is mad, although there is a method – the endless…

  • Wilson & Wilson Folk Art Co

    Ozark Mountains

    A good dealership to find original, contemporary folk art (that is, art created by those who are not formally trained artists).

  • Fayettechill Basecamp


    Fayettechill is a nationally renowned outdoor-clothing retailer that is committed to using sustainable materials (recycled polyester, recycled cotton, etc…

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