Top things to do in Aquinnah

Landmark in Aquinnah

Aquinnah Cliffs

Also known as the Gay Head Cliffs, these clay cliffs, overlooking a 5-mile-long beach, were formed by glaciers 100 million years ago. Rising 150ft from the ocean, they're dramatic any time of day but are at their ve…
Lighthouse in Aquinnah

Gay Head Lighthouse

Built in 1844 with a state-of-the-art Fresnel lens, this red-brick structure on the Gay Head Cliffs is arguably the most scenic lighthouse on the Vineyard. In 2015 it was carefully moved 134ft back from its eroding …
Beach in Aquinnah

Aquinnah Public Beach

Aquinnah Public Beach (also known as Moshup Beach) is an impressive 5 miles long. Access is free, although parking ($10 to $20) is not. From the parking lot, it’s a 10-minute walk to the beach.
Museum in Aquinnah

Aquinnah Cultural Center

A short walk from the Gay Head Cliffs is a lovingly preserved historic house that contains a museum dedicated to the culture and history of the Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head. It's just a few rooms of artifacts and inf…
American in Aquinnah

Aquinnah Shop

Although this restaurant caters to tourists who come to the southern tip of Martha's Vineyard to take in the majestic Gay Head Cliffs, the food is surprisingly good. Tables on the patio overlooking the cliffs are ob…