State Park in Allegheny National Forest

Cook Forest State Park

Much of the old growth forest of northwestern Pennsylvania has been scoured off the map, but not so in Cook Forest, an 8500-acre preserve located just south of Allegheny National Forest. Be on the lookout for the 'F…
Lake in Allegheny National Forest

Allegheny Reservoir

This 7647-acre lake looks as if it were always a deep-blue compliment to the landscape, but in fact it dates only to the 1960s, when the reservoir was created as a byproduct of the Kinzua Dam. Today this body of wat…
Museum in Allegheny National Forest

Simpler Times Museum

Less a museum than some guy's country warehouse full of weird stuff, this is still a fascinating peek into the psyche of a person who decided they really wanted to preserve a bunch of gas-station signs, farm impleme…
Viewpoint in Allegheny National Forest

Jakes Rock Overlook

An easy walk along a hardened path leads to this boulder-strewn overlook, which takes in expansive views of the Kinzua Dam, Allegheny Reservoir and the surrounding forest. A nice spot for a picnic lunch.