Top Choice Museum in Anchorage

Anchorage Museum

What was once simply Alaska’s best museum is now a world-class facility thanks to the 2010, $106 million expansion of Anchorage’s cultural jewel. The West Wing, a four-story, shimmering, mirrored facade, added 80,00…
Top Choice Historic Site in Unalaska & Dutch Harbor

Aleutian WWII National Historic Area

In 1996 Congress created this 134-acre national historic area to commemorate the bloody events of WWII that took place on the Aleutian Islands.To learn about the ‘Forgotten War,’ begin at the Aleutian WWII Visitor C…
Historic Site in Sitka

Sitka National Historical Park

Lincoln St ends at this 113-acre park, Alaska’s smallest national park, at the site where the Tlingits were finally defeated by the Russians in 1804.Totem Trail leads you one mile past 18 totems first displayed at t…
Top Choice Cultural Center in Anchorage

Alaska Native Heritage Center

To experience Alaska Native culture firsthand, you can travel to the Bush or come to this 26-acre center and see how humans survived – and thrived – before central heating. This is much more than just a museum: it r…
Top Choice Aquarium in Seward

Alaska Sealife Center

A fitting legacy of the Exxon Valdez oil-spill settlement, this $56-million marine research center is more than just one of Alaska’s finest attractions. As the only coldwater marine-science facility in the Western H…
Top Choice Museum in Fairbanks

University of Alaska Museum of the North

In an architecturally abstract igloo-and-aurora-inspired edifice sits one of Alaska’s finest museums, with artifact-rich exhibits on the geology, history, culture and trivia of each region of the state. You are gree…
Top Choice Archaeological Site in Wrangell

Petroglyph Beach

On Wrangell's north side is a state historic park where you can see primitive rock carvings believed to be at least 1000 years old. Located 0.7 miles from the ferry terminal, a sign marks the viewing deck with inter…
Top Choice Park in Wrangell

Chief Shakes Island

The small, grassy and enchanting islet is in the middle of the boat harbor and reached by a pedestrian bridge. With totems, tall pines and the half-dozen eagles usually perched in the branches, the island is a quiet…
Top Choice Museum in Kodiak

Baranov Museum

Housed in the oldest Russian structure in Alaska, across the street from the visitor center, the Baranov Museum fills Erskine House, which the Russians built in 1808 as a storehouse for precious sea-otter pelts. Tod…
Museum in Valdez

Valdez Museum

This gargantuan museum includes an ornate, steam-powered antique fire engine, a 19th-century saloon bar and the ceremonial first barrel of oil to flow from the Trans-Alaska Pipeline.