Alamogordo attractions

Museum in Alamogordo

New Mexico Museum of Space History

Looming over the northeast corner of town and nicknamed 'the golden cube,' this four-story museum is surrounded by historic missiles, and holds excellent exhibits on space exploration. A Hall of Fame hails pioneers …
Area in Alamogordo

La Luz & Tularosa

The painters, writers and craftspeople who live in the tiny enclave of La Luz, 4 miles north of Alamogordo, share a passion for creating artwork and living off the land; a wild outpost, it’s well worth a browse. Ano…
Museum in Alamogordo

Toy Train Depot

Railroad buffs and kids flock to this 1898 railway depot, for five rooms of train memorabilia and toy trains, and a 2.5-mile narrow-gauge minitrain you can ride through Alameda Park.
Zoo in Alamogordo

Alameda Park & Zoo

Said to be the oldest zoo west of the Mississippi, established in 1898, this small but well-run place features exotics from around the world. Assuming both you and they are in the mood to brave the heat, you may see…
Museum in Alamogordo

Alamogordo Museum of History

Thoroughly local little museum, focusing on the Mescalero Indians and the mining, railroad and logging industries. Its most cherished holding is a 47-star US flag, ultra-rare because Arizona joined the Union just si…