Military Tank Driving at Tank America

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Tank America is a high adventure theme park located on 35 lush acres of land that includes a 5 acre deep water lake, plenty of jungle terrain, and rolling trails cutting through the forest. The topography features a 3/4 mile course which billows up steep hills, traverses mud holes, whips around hair pin turns, and across straightaways. Tank America puts you in the middle of the action and directly in the driver’s seat as you navigate across the landscape in a FV433 Abbot military tank, filled with adrenaline as you lay waste to everything in your path. Thisunique attraction includes a 20,000 square foot air-conditioned building. The military themed décor will immerse you in realistic combat conditions. Join us for the thrill of a lifetime!
Get ready for the thrill of a lifetime as you control a 17 ton monster, raw energy pumping through your veins. The massive tank beneath you will obliterate every barrier blocking its path, its 105 mm Howitzer cannon leading the way. You’ll traverse plenty of rugged terrain and avoid deadly obstacles as you drive the FV433 into the lush forest ahead. Keep your eyes peeled for enemies along the way as you edge along barren lake beds and clamber up steep dunes. Tracks oozing with syrupy mud will try and stall your progress, and danger echoes from every sludge filled nook and cranny. Only perseverance and your gutsy spirit will ensure you make it safely back to headquarters.For even more destructive fun. After crashing through the forest in the FV433 and laying waste to everything in your path, sign up for the Advanced Troop Package and head out for your next adrenaline laced adventure: annihilating a car. Attempt to hang on as the Abbot ascends and rumbles across the vehicles hood, crushing it underneath with a roaring crunch. 

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