Lockdown Mayan Escape Room in Las Vegas

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Tour description

Challenge yourself by trying to escape the Mayan Ruins Escape Room in Las Vegas! Solve challenging puzzles, hidden clues and open locks to make sure you are able to escape within the 60-minute time frame! Difficulty level is Advanced (recommended 4-10 players)

Your Mission: After years of extensive research, we’ve discovered there is a hidden chamber containing valuable treasure deep within the confines of an ancient Mayan Temple. As the best team of archaeologists around, this task is very suitable for you! Documents on the history of this treasure state "those who conquer the four elements, will be granted passage" Beware, you must proceed with caution! With such a brittle structure we aren't sure how long you'll have until the ruins will collapse. You'll get a cut of the profit if you make it out alive.Overcome the obstacles, grab the treasure, and get out!

What's included

  • Private Booking
  • Group photo opportunity
  • Personal Game Coordinator
  • Free Parking

What's not included

  • Alcohol use is not permitted on property