Escapology: TH3 C0D3 Escape Room in Orlando

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Enjoy the award winning Escapology live escape games. This package lets you attempt to solve "TH3 C0D3". Your group of 2-6 people have an hour to stop the notorious hacker NITR0 emptying millions of bank accounts! Work out the kill code and keep your savings!

Cambridge, Massachusetts, January 23rd 2015

The video starts in the style of a local news report. A stereotypical anchor voice begins to introduce a news report:

“You are watching KDKA, Boston’s most trusted source of local news! An alarming story coming from Cambridge today-” The report is suddenly cut off as the real briefing video begins:

“Citizens of the United States! I am Nitr0! I have gained access to 100 million bank accounts, and unless your government pays me $75 billion immediately, I will drain them all!

You are Agent Alex Vargas, a rookie FBI agent looking to make a name for yourself in the agency’s Cyber Crime Unit. Early this morning the FBI intercepted a message from Nitr0, a criminal mastermind with over 300 successful cyber-heists to his name. The authorities don’t have any leads about who is hiding behind Nitr0’s mask.

Eager to prove yourself, you’ve been conducting your own investigation behind the Agency’s back. Following an anonymous lead, you head to an apartment in Cambridge that you believe to be Nitr0’s home base.

You arrive at the address, pick the lock, and enter what seems to be an average American college apartment. A powerful clack comes from the door, and a monitor comes to life.

“Where did you think that ‘anonymous’ tip came from? I have sealed the room, and in one hour the FBI will trace my hacking program back to this apartment, and you!”

You may be new in the job, but you know that Nitr0 always provides a kill code for each of his programs in case things go awry. You need to find that code, kill the program, and escape before the FBI agents arrive. Solve the riddles and puzzles, gather clues and make sure that you don’t take the fall for the biggest crime in American history.  

You are being framed for the biggest digital hack in US history! Do you have what it takes to prove your innocence? Time is of the essence!Please Note: All rooms are private. Your group of 2-6 will never be teamed up with other players.

What's included

  • Private Escape Room
  • Free parking
  • Complimentary water after you escape
  • 6.5% Sales tax

What's not included

  • Souvenirs (available to purchase)
  • Hotel pickup and drop-off


  • Free drinks included
  • Multiple times offered throughout the day
  • Small-group tour