Top things to do in Abilene

Top Choice Museum in Abilene

Frontier Texas!

Reason enough to stop if you're any place near Abilene, Frontier Texas! makes 100 years of frontier history (1780–1880) possibly more interesting than the real thing. The museum also serves as the main visitor infor…
Top Choice Spectator Sport in Abilene

Big Country Raceway

Racing cars is a Texas tradition and Abilene's drag strip is open to everyone. Watch dudes in their pickups challenge each other or go nuts and trash your minivan. The track is generally open Friday nights and all d…
Museum in Abilene

Grace Museum

This fine museum complex includes three distinct collections housed in the former Grace Hotel (1909), once the grandest in Abilene. It features periodically changing art exhibitions and displays on Abilene's history…
Southern US in Abilene

Belle's Chicken Dinner House

Part shack, part steakhouse, this locally loved institution spares you choices. It offers chicken in various forms or chicken-fried steaks. Unlimited sides of mashed potatoes, dumplings, cream corn, greens beans and…
Burgers in Abilene

Lucy’s Big Burgers

Specially baked buns and plenty of fixings make these burgers standouts. The decor is old-time West cafe, the tables have checked plastic covers. Definitely save room for dessert: homemade ice cream in several flavo…
Shoes in Abilene

James Leddy Boots

A legendary maker of custom boots, this family-run store has prices ranging from $500 to five figures. You can usually get a tour of the shop and work area. Breathe deep.
Tex-Mex in Abilene

El Pulgarcito de America

The kind of unassuming but excellent Mexican restaurant that pops up like treasure in west Texas. Just try to decide between the green enchiladas and the fajitas.
Historic Site in Abilene

Fort Phantom Hill

Boredom rather than combat doomed this 1851 fort along the clear fork of the Brazos River. Fort Phantom Hill was among the outposts constructed to protect settlers on the Texas frontier; it was abandoned just three …
Steak in Abilene


This is the place for a traditional beefy lunch or dinner after the sights downtown. The menu takes supper-house standards such as shrimp cocktail and steaks and does them up just right (the lunchtime burgers are al…
Barbecue in Abilene

Al's Mesquite Grill

Order up some barbecue or a burger, chicken sandwich or even a ribeye steak, then stroll down the cafeteria line and sample the sides on offer, including cheesy broccoli and some very good squash. The peach cobbler …